Let me introduce you to team W&W.

We are Wine & the Web, and just like you, we are one of the little guys. We’ve been lucky enough to form partnerships with some of the biggest names in Wine Industry Technology and fuse them with our technical know-how, design skills, industry experience, and ability to give you the one-on-one attention you deserve.

James Marshall Berry, Chief Strategy Officer at Wine and the Web

James Marshall Berry

Chief Strategy Officer

Since leaving the corporate Information Technology arena for good in 2009, James has been spending his time consulting with small businesses and wineries about how to best embrace the web 2.0 landscape for their benefit. It became clear to him that many wineries, especially the smaller ones, were at a technical disadvantage when it came to internet presence and selling wine online. Wine and the Web is the culmination of a two-year vision to bring an affordable and more importantly, a competitive set of tools to small wineries that level the online playing field. James owns JMB Web Consulting and is a full-service internet consulting firm. Find out more about him at www.jmberry.com

James is also a home winemaker, a published writer and musician and currently plays in a classic rock tribute act. He lives in Sonoma Valley with his wife, two kids and two cats . Lately he has been a Russian River Pinot Noir junkie, but that could change at any time.



Cole Geissinger, Lead Developer at Wine and the Web

Cole Geissinger

Lead Developer

Starting off young, Cole Geissinger has accumulated 12 years experience (and counting!) in web development and design. Specializing in WordPress Theme and Plugin development and UI design, he thrives off working on large projects that turn WordPress more into a platform or app engine. “I like to think outside the box of standard WordPress usage and really push it to its limits”.Starting off in 2000 learning basic HTML/CSS followed by receiving his certificate in Web Development and Design from the Santa Rosa Junior College in 2007. Working for an internet company in 2007 exposed him to PHP and MySQL which in conjunction began building basic blogs using WordPress. Today he is very proficient with WordPress where not only does he work on the platform, but he also has had the opportunity to teach WordPress and speak about it at events around the bay area.

Favorite Varietals:

Pinot Noir & Zinfandel



Melissa Crain, Lead Designer at Wine and the Web

Melissa Geissinger

Lead Designer, Front-end Developer

After moving to Sonoma County, California in 2002 to go to Sonoma State University for Physics & Astronomy, Melissa advanced her self-taught web design skills by building websites for the NASA Education and Public Outreach group. From 2004 to 2009 she worked for one of the leading web development firms in Silicon Valley, and in 2007 she launched her own design firm. New Skin Media specializes in building websites for professional photographers and marries two of her greatest passions; photography and design. Melissa is co-founder and director of WIMP, a local trade organization promoting the continuing education and networking of Internet professionals. Being a 12 year resident of Sonoma County doesn’t come without a growing appreciation of wine and wine culture, so she is happy to be on board with Wine & the Web!

Melissa loves landscape and architectural photography, going on adventures and traveling off the beaten path with her husband Cole, cooking, her two cats Bo and Ascii and dog Barnaby.

Favorite varietals: Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Sangiovese & Malbec



Justin Korn, Hosting at Wine and the Web

Justin Korn

Hosting Support

First to create his own personal website and later to drive his career and now his business, Justin has been tinkering with Web based technologies since 1996. After struggling to pick a major in college, Justin found his calling as a front-end HTML developer in San Francisco around the height of the dot-com boom. As the dot-com phase fizzled out, Justin returned to school and earned his degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Computer Information Systems. Over the past 10 years, he has been challenged with the position of Director of Technology at two companies, resetting his career by taking a go in development, and most recently starting his own web development and hosting companies.When not coding for a client, Justin typically can be found exploring his interest in photography, soccer or travel (to name a few). You can find out more about Justin from his blog (a bit inactive lately), Flickr, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Favorite varietals: Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Irish Whisky



Peter Andres

Peter Andres

Vin65 Specialist

Peter has been involved in wine ecommerce for almost a decade, working at Vin65 as the senior designer for 8 years. He has played key roles in designing the back-end platform interface and deploying all the initial winery websites that Vin65 launched. His roles at Vin65 also included supporting outside designers once the Vin65 designer tools launched and managing the deployment process for more technical challenging design projects for companies such as Constellation, Vincor, and Foley.