Content Management

Manage your website in the easiest and most effective way possible

With the WordPress Site & CellarCart package, we build your customized site in the most widely used content management system on the web today. With your new site, you will be all set to fully-maintain both the site content and the product information yourself within one easy to use system.

CMS Features

  • Simple Interface
  • User Friendly
  • Built in blogging
  • Search Engine Optimized out of the box
  • As easy as editing a Word Document
  • Fast page loading
  • Built in Spam Protection
  • Built in Image Editing

Future Ready

  • Responsive websites optimized for mobile
  • Mobile Apps for website editing

Secure & Professional

  • Boosted Security
  • Around the clock Website Monitoring
  • Professionally built websites

Content Entry Options: Do-it-Yourself or Full Service

If you already have a website, brochure, tasting notes or copy written, you may choose to put this online yourself or we can do it for you. With any of our package options, it is included in the cost. There is no additional fee for loading initial content into the website.

If you just want eCommerce inserted into your existing site, you can choose from the following two options

Winery Entry

There is no cost for entering all the content yourself. We provide tools for importing customers, products, order history, shipping, compliance, etc. (all via Microsoft Excel) and a web editor for you to enter your own content on the website. We provide training, and a documentation website with video documentation on most tools. Any support will be billed per support option.

W&W Content Entry

The fee for Wine & the Web entering your content will vary based on the amount and quality of your current data. Wine and the Web will discuss with you the content to be entered (products, customers, orders history, and general website content) and will enter this content on your behalf.

This is for content only and does not include any additional fees for design, hosting, or support.