Data Migration

Data Migration

We're not going to lie. Data migration will be the largest and typically the most expensive part of the project when changing eCommerce platforms. Keeping your credit card info intact for all customers and club members will likely be the most difficult and costly. Violating PCI compliance is one thing you don't want to mess with.

Some platforms have a clean migration path. Others will require you to download and massage many rows of data in Excel to prep for the migration. If you have an Excel guru on your staff, they can likely handle the bulk of it. The amount of order detail, history and customer records you decide to migrate is entirely up to you. For complicated data migrations, we work with Wine Glass Marketing.

Then again, if you have minimal data or are just starting out, then it's not so much drama. And you can keep a migration plan in mind for the future for when, not if, you decide to move platforms.

We can help make your migration as smooth as possible.

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