Google and SEO

Basic Google Tools and Organic SEO Setup

Sometimes, something IS better than nothing. And that especially applies to making sure your Google tools and any associated tools are set up properly and managed as such. The same applies to basic SEO. You don’t need an advanced SEO strategy in every instance, yet you don’t want Google to just assume what your site is about. The goal is  to guide Google to show your website content in relevant search results to users that you want to  reach. This is called “Organic Reach.”

How do you know if any changes you made even worked?

The answer is to take advantage of the Google tools that tell you what people are looking for, how they found your site, what they did while they were there, and more importantly, what they didn’t do. This is where Google Analytics comes into play.

You will also want to have all your Google tools properly set up and talking to each other: Google Tag Manager if you are running ads, so you can be ready to add events and triggers to track those ad spends; Google Search Console to dive deep into how people are finding your site in search; and also confirm that your Google Business Page, is owned by you, connected, and up to date with current information.

Initial Steps

  • Find out what tools you currently have set up and if you have access.
  • Suggest a ‘Role’ email using an @gmail account that you own for management.
  • Set up or confirm set up of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Google Business Page.
  • Deploy the above if necessary.
  • Let Google Analytics “simmer” for 30 days to see what is currently happening and how visitors are currently finding you.
  • Consult with client on keywords they  strive to rank for.
  • Run competitor analysis to see how they rank against others.
  • Set up basic reporting in Google Analytics.
  • Review website content for SEO opportunities.
  • Deliver basic instructions on managing and accessing Google tools.

Price for the above is $1500. It’s possible that some of the tools could be in place and some may be working, but we will verify, troubleshoot and optimize the account if so.

Next Steps

  • Basic content and page edits, as well as navigation changes - Quote
  • Deploy basic SEO meta titles and descriptions based on keyword analysis - $50/page
  • Set up advanced reporting in Google Analytics – Quote
  • Monthly keyword description ranking reports - $350

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will these changes get me ranked ‘#1 in Google” like I see in emails I get all the time?
    • No. Anyone that promises you that is selling snake oil. 
  • Will these changes help improve my visibility on the keywords I choose?
    • Yes, over time. Google is not instant. 
  • Once I have all this set up, can’t I just leave it be?
    • Sure, but trends, software and Google’s search algorithm are constantly changing. It’s important to see if you are trending upward or downward in the searches that are important to you. 
  • Do you have to manage all this for me forever?
    • No. You or anyone can, which is why we suggest a ‘role’ email where you can change the password to limit or change access.
  • Will I have to set all this up again?
    • Unfortunately, yes. Google has announced that due to current privacy laws, the way data and browsing history is collected will all have to be changed before July 2023 (currently, but they have moved the date before) 
  • Can’t I just set up the ‘new way’ now?
    • Yes. But it involves setting up a Google virtual webserver and using that to control all data. It is about a $2500 set up, and in a year, there may be less expensive and other alternatives.